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Student transcription services are specifically geared to students, student groups and student societies.

Student transcription is a service for those at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD level including mature students and/or those who study part-time and work as well.

We regularly transcribe a wide range of recordings for students.  These include one to one or multiple speaker interviews, research, seminars, meetings, lectures, speeches and focus groups.  

Our service is particularly suited to students because:

a) we offer a student transcription discount (for digital audio only upon proof of student status).

b) digital transcription rates are calculated according to a per minute of audio price which is a transparent method.  This allows you to budget in advance for the cost of your transcription project.

c)  for those without digital equipment we still offer an analogue tape service (mini/micro/standard cassettes).  We do not offer this service at a discount as quality can vary so much.

c) student rates are fully inclusive (no add on costs or VAT) which increases the savings on student transcription.

d) our secure online upload allows you to send us your dictation regardless of your location and with ease.

e) we provide a flexible but friendly service in meeting your deadlines on time or ahead of schedule.

f) our experience and expertise in all fields and, in particular, academic transcription sets us apart.

Our transcription service for students includes:

Interviews:  We specialise in interview transcription, and have vast experience in one to one interviews and those with multiple speakers.  This service is regularly used for research interviews that form part of a thesis.

Lectures:  Many students now record their academic lectures rather than using their handwritten notes.  Our transcripts provide the accuracy required and an alternative solution.

Focus groups:  Ensure that your group discussions and meetings are captured accurately through verbatim transcripts. 

Always remember the equipment you use will determine the quality of your recordings.  Poor quality recordings cost more to transcribe so invest in quality equipment at the outset.  External microphones are essential for  multiple participant interviews and focus groups.  We would be happy to advise you on recording best practice before you commence your project.

If you are unsure of the quality or clarity of your recording then we would be very happy to assess it for you and quote accordingly.

Outsource your transcription project to us and take the pressure of yourself!  Contact us today for a competitive quote for all your student transcription projects.





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