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Digital transcription is our speciality service.  Our voice to text service allows our clients to digitally record and send their audio files securely to us via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  The recording is then transcribed and returned to the client securely in a typed format of their choice.

Digital transcription has clear advantages to analogue audio tape transcription.  These include: immediate file delivery so no need for tapes or cassettes; far superior recording quality and clarity reducing transcription costs significantly; and the ability to dictate and send your work from any location.  For more reasons on why to move to digital transcription rather than analogue transcription read our transcription related articles.

The excellent quality produced by digital recorders allows us to use a transparent per minute of audio rate which helps clients to budget for the project cost in advance.

Digital transcription file formats we can read include .wav, .dss, .dvf, .wma, .mp3 and we are compatible with most formats.  Some digital files formats, particularly .wav files, take up a lot of memory.  As most ISPs set a limit on the file size that can be sent via email we provide a secure FTP account which can be easily accessed to transmit large files to us.  You can upload your digital files here.

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Transcription services: 

- Digital Transcription
- Audio Transcription
- Mini Tape Transcription
- Micro Cassette Transcription
- Standard Audio Tape Transcription
- Other Secretarial Services
Transcription expertise:
- Medical Transcription  
- Legal Transcription
- Academic Transcription
- Student Transcription
- Business Transcription
- Interview Transcription
- Focus Group Transcription
- Vox Pops Transcription
- Media Transcription
- Podcast/Webcast Transcription

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