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Vox Pops, derived from the latin phrase Vox Populi which literally means "voice of the people", is a term used in the broadcasting industry and market research for interviewing the general public.  Usually those interviewed are approached at random in the street or in a public place and asked for their opinion on a particular subject.  Vox pops are used to gather a cross section of opinions from the 'man on the street' as each person is asked to respond to the same question.

Vox pop transcription is required for data analysis of the responses and for producing/editing a broadcast of or a report from the exercise.

Vox pop transcription requires 100% accuracy to reflect the responses given by the general public.  Our transcriptionists have expertise in this area and produce transcripts with great attention to detail.

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us.  We are happy to issue clients with our confidentiality agreement prior to commencement of your vox pops project.  However, if preferred, we will sign a client specific non-disclosure agreement as required. 

Vox pops transcription projects are completed to each client's specifications and requirements with an emphasis on accuracy and a fast turnaround.

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