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Interview transcription is our speciality.  We transcribe all interview recordings, including research interviews, for companies and individuals.  We have vast experience in transcribing one to one and multiple participant interviews in bulk.  We consistently produce highly accurate transcripts. Interview transcription requires excellent attention to detail and our skilled transcription professionals have expertise in verbatim interview transcription.

Whether it is one to one interviews or interviews with multiple participants we can accurately transcribe your recordings.  We have experience in transcribing speakers with strong or heavy accents.  Accented speech generally takes longer to transcribe as the audio may need to played several times to decipher what is being said.  Specialists in the transcription industry agree that it takes one hour to transcribe a 15 minutes of clear, good quality dictated speech.  Variables that influence the turnaround time of interview transcription include:  the quality/clarity of the recording, number of speakers, the level of background noise, the degree of regional accents and the amount of terminology or industry specific phrases in the content.

Interview transcription experience includes:

  • University research interviews.
  • Business interviews.
  • Disciplinary interviews.
  • Authors and journalist interviews.
  • Radio interviews.
  • Television interviews.
  • Witness statement interviews.
  • Interviews for thesis research for PhDs and Masters.

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us.  We are happy to issue clients with our confidentiality agreement prior to commencement of your interview transcription project.  However, if preferred, we will sign a client specific non-disclosure agreement as required.

Interview transcription projects are completed to each client's specifications and requirements with an emphasis on high standards of accuracy. 

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Transcription services: 

- Digital Transcription
- Audio Transcription
- Mini Tape Transcription
- Micro Cassette Transcription
- Standard Audio Tape Transcription
- Other Secretarial Services
Transcription expertise:
- Medical Transcription  
- Legal Transcription
- Academic Transcription
- Student Transcription
- Business Transcription
- Interview Transcription
- Focus Group Transcription
- Vox Pops Transcription
- Media Transcription
- Podcast/Webcast Transcription

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