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Podcasts are a series of audio programmes, usually in the form of radio shows, that can be downloaded via the internet.  Listeners can subscribe to the podcasts through a webfeed and listen to it on their home pc or or portable media player.

Podcasters - those responsible for making podcasts - use the .mp3 format as it is supported by the majority of the portable media players.  Using .mp3 as a standard format helps the podcaster to reach a larger audience.

Webcasts are media files distributed over the internet using streaming media technology.  A webcast is usually a live broadcast but it can also be a recording.  Unlike podcasts they are not edited and are usually a one-time showing of a broadcast rather than a series of programmes.

Webinars - or web seminars - can be educational or used as marketing tools.  They are both interactive and one-way.  You can watch the webinar and talk back and forth to the presenter.  This forum is popular for distance learning and transcription of webinars is an extremely useful resource to students who cannot participate.

Podcasts or webcasts published on a website or blog can be greatly enhanced by including a summary of the recording and a downloadable podcast/webcast transcript.  This provides on-page SEO for your podcast or webcast.  The text content on your site, provided by the transcript, is important for getting exposure in the search engines.  Transcribing your podcast or webcast ensures your broadcast will be appear in the search engine listings.

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us.  We are happy to issue clients with our confidentiality agreement prior to commencement of your podcast or webcast project.  However, if preferred, we will sign a client specific non-disclosure agreement as required. 

Podcast and webcast transcription projects are completed to each client's specifications and requirements with an emphasis on accuracy and a fast turnaround.

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Transcription services: 

- Digital Transcription
- Audio Transcription
- Mini Tape Transcription
- Micro Cassette Transcription
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- Other Secretarial Services
Transcription expertise:
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